Hispanic Medicare Beneficiaries (Percent)

Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries who are Hispanic

Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries (percent)
Report Area 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Franklin County, PA 0.70% 0.74% 0.85% 0.85% 0.97% 1.03% 1.03%
Pennsylvania 1.37% 1.55% 1.73% 1.89% 1.99% 2.05% 2.12%
United States 5.50% 5.62% 5.75% 5.87% 5.95% 5.97% 5.95%
Data Source: CCW (CMS)
Website Updated August 2016

Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries (percent)


Count of Medicare fee-for-service(FFS) beneficiaries who are Hispanic


Count of Medicare FFS beneficiaries


Divide the count of beneficiaries who are Hispanic by the count of Medicare FFS beneficiaries. Medicare FFS beneficiaries limited to those who (a) have no months of HMO enrollment and (b) have both Part A and Part B for whatever portion of the year that they are covered by FFS Medicare (i.e., they have no months of A-only or B-only coverage). Beneficiary age group (< 65 and 65+ ) was determined using the age of the individual at the end of the reference year or the individual's age at the time of death.


HRR documentation is posted at http://www.dartmouthatlas.org/downloads/methods/geogappdx.pdf

Posted rates are based on RTI Race Code, RTI Race Code

Courtesy: Health Indicators Warehouse, <www.healthindicators.gov>