Land Usage Coverage

One of the prime prerequisites for better use of land is information on existing land use patterns and changes in land use through time. Knowledge of the present distribution and area of such agricultural, recreational, and urban lands, as well as information on their changing proportions, is needed by legislators, planners, and State and local governmental officials to determine better land use policy, to project transportation and utility demand, to identify future development pressure points and areas, and to implement effective plans for regional development.
Land Usage Coverage, 2010
Low Intensity Residential 2.33%
Med. Intensity Residential 3.08%
Low Intensity Non-residential 2.18%
Med. Intensity Non-residential 1.52%
High Non-residential 0.38%
Active Strip Mining 0.16%
Transportation 1.83%
Row Crops 14.34%
Pasture/Grassland 29.32%
Golf Course 0.29%
Forest 43.37%
Barren Land 0.03%
Surfact Water 0.33%
Wetlands 0.38%
No New Data as of August 2016

Land Usage Coverage, 2010

Source: Franklin County's 2012 Comprehensive Plan