Winter STREAK Wellness Program

We invite you and your family to embrace winter, keep moving and stay healthy!

Welcome to the Winter STREAK Wellness Program! We invite you and your family to embrace winter, keep moving and stay healthy! Ready to join others in your community, committed to keeping up a “streak” of physical and mental well-being activities through the next few months? You can do it!

"Winter STREAK" stands for

  • S - Start: Get motivated, set individual goals, determine your readiness to change and get started.
  • T - Trekking: Get active outdoors in the cold weather.
  • R – Relax: Practice relaxing, mindful behaviors.
  • E - Eat Healthy: Make healthy food and drink choices.
  • A - Activity: Commit to increase physical activity.
  • K - Keep it Going: Find personal and community resources and supports to help you keep it going.

The Winter STREAK Wellness Program is a FREE 12-week community program designed to promote wellness by encouraging participants to increase physical activity, eat healthy and reduce stress. It is a fun and effective way to increase your health and well-being during these cold winter months. Programs and activities will focus on the STREAK concepts.

Who can participate?

This challenge is open to everyone. Invite your spouse, partner, children, co-workers and friends to participate with you as you “STREAK” through the winter!

When do we start?!

The Winter STREAK runs Monday, January 4, 2021 through Friday, March 26, 2021. But you can join at any time to qualify for prizes.

What is the goal?

Complete a STREAK in any form or fashion to string together daily, consistent, healthy habits over time. WellSpan Health and its community partners have created a series of workshops, bingo cards, a guide and a resource library to support you on this journey. Engage at any level and use the tools available to you so you can STREAK through the winter months.

WellSpan Health will offer 6 bi-weekly workshops, each focusing on the individual STREAK concepts.

Winter Streak Registration

In order to be eligible for prizes you must register and agree to take simple bi-weekly surveys. If you register you will receive regular communications and first to be notified about upcoming workshops throughout the challenge and opportunities to access other supports.

What are the prizes?

At the end of the three-month challenge, a drawing will be held to award prizes. For each survey completed by a participant, an entry will be put into the drawing. The more surveys completed, the more chances to win!

Prizes include:

  • Instant pot with cooking incentives and recipe cards
  • Gift Cards
  • A family game box package
  • Fitness package
  • Cooking package
  • Stress relief package
  • Cook books

Most importantly, you win the opportunity for improved health!

Questions, Concerns, Ideas, Suggestions?

Please email or call 717-404-1015. We are here to assist participants throughout the challenge.

FREE Community Resources

Please use the resources below as you embark on your winter STREAK journey.

WellSpan Health, in collaboration with our community health coalitions across the region: Healthy Adams County; Healthy Franklin County; the Community Health Council of Lebanon County; Healthy York; and Northern Lancaster Hub; invites the community to participate in the “Winter STREAK” wellness program.

"Please consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program."