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Our Task Forces & Initiatives

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Our task forces work to address health needs and priorities identified in the community health needs assessment alongside our community-based organizations. We work together through a joint plan of action.  

Behavioral Health  

The behavioral health task force works to increase access to high quality mental health services, reduce the rate of suicides and to support efforts to reduce the substance misuse.  


Kelly Goshen, Director, Keystone Behavioral Health

Cori Seilhamer, Mental Health Program Specialist/CIT, Franklin County MH/IDD/EI

Key Initiatives: Behavioral Health Providers Mapper, Suicide Prevention Month and the Franklin County Welcoming Project

Nutrition & Physical Activity

The nutrition and physical activity task force work to improve health by promoting healthy eating, access to nutritious food and physical activity. 


Barbara Houpt, Garden Coordinator, Network Ministries

Courtney Porter, Account Manager, WellSpan Well At Work 


Key Initiatives: Get Fit Franklin County, Move Your Way Walking Guide (English/Spanish), Recreational Assets Mapper, Annual Community Garden Workshop, Passport to Wellness

Food Security

The food security task force works to increase food security by increasing the availability and awareness of healthy and nutritious food resources.


Noel Purdy (temporary), Executive Director, Healthy Franklin County

Nickie Fickel, Community Health Educator, WellSpan Health 

Key Initiatives: Nutrition Resources Mapper, Food Resources Shareables

Hope From the Start

The hope from the start task force works to promote healthy development for children so they are ready for school. 


Nicole Nicholson, Family Center Director, First Start Partnerships

Amy Pinkerton, ECE Apprenticeship Coordinator, First Start Partnerships

Health Disparities

The health disparities task force works to increase access to quality healthcare by addressing unmet needs of at-risk populations and social determinants of health.


David Grant, COO, Keystone Health

Kim Crider, Community Health Educator, WellSpan Health 

Get Involved!

Are you interested in joining a task force or work group? Contact Noel Purdy, Executive Director of Healthy Franklin County at to learn how to get involved. 

Check out our community health improvement plan (CHIP) 2019-2022 Reflections Report and our 2021-2022 Annual Report

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