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February is Heart Health Month

Did you know that 1 in 2 adults has high blood pressure? However, according to the CDC, only 1 in 4 adults has their blood pressure under control. High blood pressure can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, heart failure, and more if left uncontrolled. February is National Heart Month and what better time to start taking better care of your heart so that it can keep taking care of you?

Getting heart healthy can be an adjustment, but with small changes here and there, you can gradually find yourself feeling better overall and your heart will thank you for it! The CDC recommends the following strategies below to get started:

· Learn your heart history-it is very beneficial to look into your family’s health

history to know your risks.

· Eat a healthy diet-adding portions of fruits and vegetables into your daily

routine will pay off in the long run! Start to decrease the daily amount of your

sodium and fat intake.

· Move more and sit less-try to get at least 150 minutes of activity in each week.

· Choose drinks wisely- Substitute water for sugary beverages and decrease

your alcohol consumption

· Find more strategies and additional information at

TIP: If you’re looking to make healthier choices when shopping for groceries, keep an eye out for the American Heart Association’s heart-check mark on products. This mark means that the food has beneficial sources of nutrients, limited amount of bad fats and a limited amount of sodium.

You can find heart-check certified recipes from the American Heart Association in the link here. They have also created an easy-to-follow healthy eating graphic that suggests appropriate daily amounts of each food group.

An easy way to find out if you are at high risk for heart disease is to take a Heart Health Assessment. This quiz will help you determine your risk numbers for developing heart disease. Anyone with a score of 58-70 is at high risk. A score of 72 or higher means you should contact your healthcare professional immediately.

Did you know that smoking can also have a huge impact on your heart health? According to the American Heart Association, almost one third of deaths from coronary heart disease are due to smoking and secondhand smoke.

WellSpan Health offers FREE Freedom from Smoking classes to help individuals quit smoking, fight addiction and develop a smoke-free lifestyle. Register for upcoming classes here.

Healthy Communities Partnership also offers FREE Freedom from Smoking classes at their Chambersburg office beginning on February 28th. Register here.

Make sure to check out additional programs taking place during the month of February that focus on heart health below:

Yoga for a Healthy Heart

Join WellSpan Health for a FREE 60-minute yoga session led by a local registered yoga instructor. This hybrid event is designed for those who have never tried yoga before and are looking to explore new ways to increase physical activity and reduce stress for a healthier heart. There will be a brief educational session on stress and heart health prior to yoga.

Individuals have the option to attend in person or virtually. If you are interested in attending virtually, please use the virtual link. PLEASE NOTE that space is limited for the in-person option.

Register HERE

Heart Healthy Grocery Store Tours

Join WellSpan Health and Capital Blue Cross to participate in a FREE Heart Healthy Virtual Grocery Store tour, where you will learn how to read food labels, and choose foods that are lower in sodium and healthier for your heart.

Register HERE


Join WellSpan Health’s FREE 12-week community program designed to promote wellness by encouraging participants to increase physical activity, eat healthy and reduce stress. It is a fun and effective way to increase your health and well-being during these cold winter months.

Register for workshops and find more information HERE.


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